New Website Live

My new website is live.  Check it.

NEW work coming soon!

Hey all,

LOTS of updates coming… I’ve graduated from UIUC, I’ve got my brand new Canon 7D and Macbook Pro, I’ve just started shooting with the Sun-Times doing event and portrait work, and the latest issue of IMPULSE is complete.  It’s been a hectic few weeks but I’ll get some new stuff up here soon.

Also, look for this site’s appearance to be changing radically in about a week or so.  It’ll be more visuals-based, since that’s what this whole thing is about anyway :)

IMPULSE Magazine – The Show Issue

We released our newest issue of IMPULSE Magazine recently, and I have three double-page spreads!

It was a ton of fun shooting these assignments.  Shooting for IMPULSE has let me do whatever I want creatively, and it’s super awesome for any photographer to see their stuff printed as big as the medium will allow.

Lastly, work on the Spring issue has just begun, and it should be even better than the last issue.

The first two spreads are for an article on Dave Coresh, a local rapper based in Urbana, who has recently opened for big names such as Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

The last spread is of local hula hoopers that perform at Canopy Club in Urbana.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a slideshow.


All images © Ramzi Dreessen/IMPULSE Magazine 2012.


New Website!

My new website is now up at! Click the image above to view.

Pure Kitchen Catering – Behind the Scenes

Recently, I’ve been doing behind-the-scenes photography for the people over at Pure Kitchen Catering.  Here are a couple shots from a recent event.  The full set can be seen here.

All images © Ramzi Dreessen/Pure Kitchen Catering 2011.

New Video Project: “Chronophysical”

Click the image below to watch my latest video, “Chronophysical”, on Vimeo in HD!

The video is my final project for my Time Arts I class, and is a study of human motion. Turn up the bass.

I shot it on two Canon 7Ds, one set at 60fps (with footage later conformed to 24fps, giving true 2.5x slow-mo) and the other set at 24fps.  I lit it with a few video lights, requiring some 100+ feet of cable to reach across the park to the nearest outlet.  Afterwards, I edited down the 25GB or so of footage in Final Cut Pro, before doing final adjustments in After Effects.

Many thanks to everybody who helped out! This is the biggest video project I’ve done so far, and it took the efforts and participation of 14 people to make it happen.

This video was made for a class project and is NOT for commercial use.

New Video Project: “Untitled”

Click the image below to watch my latest project, “Untitled” on Vimeo in HD! The video is a sort of conceptual, non-narrative project for my Time Arts class. Shot on a Canon 7D, edited in Final Cut Pro.

Actor: David Kaplinsky
Music: “The Old Castle” and “Baba Yaga” from Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”. Played by Byron Janis.
Special thanks: University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
This video was made for a class project and is NOT for commercial use.


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